Our Organization

Quality Learning New Brunswick is a not-for-profit literacy organization with a governance board and a small permanent staff.

In 1999, the Saint John Family Literacy Advisory Committee was struck to research and promote family literacy services and programming in the greater Saint John region. By 2007, this organization had transformed into Quality Learning New Brunswick (QLNB).¹

The change to QLNB marked two shifts.

One was a shift in primary emphasis from awareness and promotion to delivery. The other was a shift in focus from working with just families to working with families in their communities.

Since then, QLNB has been involved in a variety of adult, family and community literacy and learning initiatives, in partnership with neighbourhood, city and regional organizations across New Brunswick. Most of our direct delivery has happened in neighbourhoods in or around Saint John with much of our pioneering work being done in the neighbourhood of Crescent Valley, New Brunswick’s largest Anglophone public housing community.

1. There was an intentional period of over-lap. The ad-hoc Saint John Family Literacy Advisory Committee supported region-wide networking and promotion as late as 2003. However, by that time a core team from the advisory committee had already begun developing targeted family programming under the name Community Learning NB. In 2007, the advisory committee dissolved, and CLNB formally incorporated as Quality Learning New Brunswick or QLNB.